The Team Manager plays a key role in the success of the team throughout the season. The Team Manager’s role is to organize and direct your team. Team Managers are administratively accountable to the league for the following requirements:

  1. Attend Team Manager meeting:
    The League conducts Team Manager Meetings to review and update team reps on rule or policy and procedure changes. Team Managers are REQUIRED to attend these meeting in person or to designate a teammate to represent the team.
  2. Communicate with your team:
    It is the Team Manager’s responsibility to pass on all information that is presented at the Team Manager meetings or emailed to them by the league to their players, even if they do not personally attend the meetings. If a representative attends the meetings in lieu of the Team Manager, the team rep is still accountable for disseminating this information to their team.
  3. Assign a team captain for each game:
    The Team Manager may act as the team captain at each game, or the team may designate a different player as captain for each match.
  4. Be a good example:
    The Team Rep needs to reinforce a positive attitude on and off the field. The atmosphere you create your players will follow. You have a lot of control of your team this way.
  5. Help put up or take down equipment:
    Each team is responsible for helping set up and take down the nets and flags for the first and last games of the evening, respectively. If your team fails to assist in these activities and the league is so informed, your team will be deducted up to TWO Sportsmanship Points. Each Home team is responsible for delivering/returning their perspective fields equipment to the POD.
  6. Know the league rules and the Laws of the Game:
    It is your responsibility to learn and know the League Rules and Regulations. This includes the Sportsmanship Points system, Game Rules, Registration procedures, and league Disciplinary and Rules (D&R) Committee Operating Procedures and Sanctioning Guidelines. The Laws of the Game may be found on the US Soccer Federation’s website.
  7. Communicate with the league:
    Make sure you understand and pass on to your players how to submit feedback through the forms on the website. And remind them to be respectful when submitting feedback. The league takes this feedback very seriously.
  8. Registering players:
    It is the Team Manager’s responsibility to understand all the procedures and deadlines for registering players. You need to work with new players to make sure to pass this information on to them correctly.
  9. Managing your team roster:
    The Coaches Page provides a team roster which allows them to see the roster of registered players for the current season.
  10. Uniforms:
    SFA provides 22 uniforms for your players with numbers. No duplicate numbers and they must be permanent, not tape or marker. If a team runs short on uniforms it is up to the player or Team Manager to purchase a team uniform from the league shop. Teams failing to provide proper uniforms for its players after the third week of play will be penalized one Sportsmanship Point per game until compliance is achieved. Pending uniforms are discontinued or enough time (TBD) has surpassed the league will supply a new set of uniforms.

Being a Team Manager is a privilege, not a right. We appreciate your help, but the league reserves the right to accept, reject, or terminate a Team Manager who, in the opinion of the board, does not support the league’s mission or does not meet the league’s expectations as listed herein.