Referee Schedules

Referee scheduling is the responsibility of the Referee Administrator. If you are interested in refereeing SFA games, please contact the Referee Administrator.

Contact Referee Administrator



Referee Qualifications

Individuals interested in refereeing SFA games must meet the following qualifications:

  • USSF Grade 8 or higher certification
  • Thorough knowledge of the SFA Rules and Regulations and referee duties outlined below
  • Willingness to do TWO games per night.

Referee/Assistant Referee Duties

All officials for SFA must abide by the Laws of the Game and the SFA Rules and Regulations.

The Referee, with the help of the assistant referees, is responsible for completing the match report prior to and at the conclusion of the match, and return the completed match report to the Referee Administrator. The match report includes the officials’ names, team names, the halftime and final score of the match, and a summary of disciplinary actions taken and Sportsmanship Points deducted. If a player, players, team official, or spectator is sent off, the Referee is responsible for recording these on the match report, as well as submitting a Misconduct Report to the Referee Administrator.


Player sendoffs (ejections) SHALL be documented by noting on the back of the game sheet the details of the infraction. All cautions and send offs must also be entered on the match report.



The following situations may occur regarding forfeits:

  1. When the league is notified ahead of time of a forfeit and a friendly match will not be held, the league will notify the assigned referees of the forfeit no later than 3 PM of the game night that the match will not take place. In these cases referees are not paid for the match.
  2. If a match is forfeited at a time that does not allow the league to notify the referees before the time specified in Paragraph 1 above, the referees will be paid for that match, but are required to officiate it as a friendly match if the teams request it.
  3. If a forfeit occurs at the field, the referees are required to stay and officiate a friendly match if the teams agree to such arrangement. If the league schedules a friendly match by agreement of the teams, the referees are also required to officiate the match. In both of these situations, the referees are paid.
  4. If a forfeit occurs at the field and the teams decide they do not want to have a friendly match, the referees are paid for the match assuming they have stayed the required amount of time to declare and official forfeit.

Referee Expectations

As part of our continuing commitment to provide the best adult coed soccer experience in Arizona, SFA referees are expected to do the following to deliver a great experience and then be compensated for their services:

  1. Player check-in: Referees must verify that players are listed on the match report roster, are wearing shin guards, and are not wearing jewelry or anything dangerous prior to being allowed to play as described in the SFA Rules and Regulations.
  2. Referee professionalism: Firmly, but intelligently, enforce the Laws of the Game and Soccer for Adult Soccer League’s Rules and Regulations. Manage the games to the very best of your ability with a respectful and enthusiastic attitude. The entire crew should greet team managers/reps and show players a positive attitude, energy, and consideration to the teams and spectators before the match begins. Doing this helps establish your authority, puts the players in the right frame of mind immediately, and sets a proper tone the rest of the match.
  3. Referee payment: Please note that the games must be played and refereed in order for you to be paid. Exceptions:
    1. One team forfeits at the field and CHOOSES not to play a scrimmage.
    2. Matches cancelled due to dangerous weather and or other unforeseen issues after matches have started.
      NOTE: Forfeited game that become scrimmages must still be officiated for compensation to be issued.
  4. Post-Game: After the whistle, please shake hands and make eye contact with the team managers/reps. Document and summarize all carded incidents. Yellow Cards must be noted on the game card with a brief description of the infraction. Red Cards must be noted on the games card with a detailed description of the event including what occurred, when in the match, where the incident occurred, all individuals involved, and any other pertinent information necessary for proper sanction of those involved. Please email any questions about this process to your Referee Administrator.